What is a hunting camera: field-specific functional cameras

When it comes to hunting cameras, perhaps many people have not heard of them yet. Many digital novices think that cameras are just digital cameras and DSLRs.
To put it bluntly, a hunting camera, as the name suggests, is a specialized camera designed for hunting in the wild. Simply put, if you know that deer are frequently seen in this area, you can tie this camera to a tree or place it in a place with a better view. For example, if you come back a week later and see that the camera has captured this deer every afternoon at 4 o’clock, why don’t you come here tomorrow at 4 o’clock to guard it.
LISHINE hunting camera
Hunting cameras are automatically activated by temperature sensing. This is the original function of a hunting camera. But the shooting and monitoring function of hunting cameras can also be fully utilized in daily life. So the application scenarios include:

  1. Automatic photography for field detection
  2. Wildlife Infrared Camera Survey
  3. Home anti-theft evidence collection
  4. Office theft prevention and evidence collection
  5. Anti theft and evidence collection for small and medium-sized supermarkets
  6. Forestry system, scientific research, environmental protection, outdoor animal monitoring or field detection
  7. Monitoring of key areas such as orchards, rural areas, forest farms, reservoirs, and fish ponds
    Customization of hunting cameras
    Hunting cameras are now rare in China. But there is a mature market in the United States, which enjoys wilderness exploration. The United States is the largest market for hunting cameras, while China’s hunting camera market has not yet been explored. That is to say, the Chinese hunting camera market has huge prospects and potential. Whoever seizes the opportunity first is the winner!
    Nowadays, some manufacturers in China have gradually developed customized hunting cameras, but not as many as digital cameras. From Alibaba’s wholesale search, there are only a few, mostly Shenzhen manufacturers, many of whom accept customization and OEM processing.
    The hunting camera launched by Shenzhen LISHINE Digital. They are all intelligent hunting cameras with powerful wireless WiFi. With an ultra long standby time of 240 days, it can take tens of thousands of photos. A sensing camera speed of 0.2S, capable of infrared night vision shooting, and also supports WiFi wireless monitoring. It has a complete range of functions suitable for outdoor photography.
    In fact, for truly specialized use, different applications require different professional cameras. To achieve the best and most convenient results. For example, drone aerial photography requires the use of professional aerial cameras; Sports require the use of professional sports cameras; On site evidence collection requires the use of professional law enforcement recorders; In car recording requires the use of a professional driving recorder; Home monitoring requires the use of dedicated home network surveillance cameras; For self use projection, you need to use a specialized portable mini projector… and LISHINE, who has 20 years of production experience, has all these professional products!


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