Stealth Cam LS-518 Review

  Stealth Cam LS-518 Review
  The Stealth Cam LS-518 is a powerful trail camera that combines excellent image and video quality,long battery life,excellent housing design and fast trigger speeds.While its recovery speed and detection range are slightly below average,the LS-518 remains one of our favorite cameras in terms of image and video quality.

  Image Quality
  Photo resolution:32 mpxl(interpolated)

  Video resolution:3840 x 2160(4K) 15 fps with audio

  Flash type:low light infrared
  The LS-518 excels in terms of image quality.It has excellent color reproduction and clarity,especially when shooting in daylight.Night photos have good contrast and sharpness,and night videos also perform well.

  Video quality
  The LS-518 is billed as a 4K video tracking camera,but when shooting in 4K mode,the frame rate is only 15 frames per second,resulting in unstable video quality.It is recommended to use a lower resolution(1440p or 1080p)for smoother video.

  Battery Life
  LS-518 uses a set of 12AA lithium batteries,which can last for more than 6 months in the field,which is an outstanding performance among similar products.

  Other features
  Trigger speed:Picture trigger speed is fast,but recovery speed is slightly below average.

  Detection range and angle:The detection range performs poorly,affected by false triggers,and the detection angle is slightly narrower than the field of view.

  Design Quality:The LS-518 is designed to be rugged and suitable for outdoor use.

  in conclusion
  The Stealth Cam LS-518 excels in image and video quality,battery life,and design quality,making it a highly recommended trail camera.While it falls short in some areas,the LS-518 is still an excellent choice when considering its performance and features.

  If you have any questions about our review or would like more information,please feel free to contact us.


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