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4G Connection, Capturing Every Moment of Nature

Experience the allure of nature with the L-Shine LS-188 4G Wildlife Trail Camera, which takes you to every corner of the wilderness. Designed for the ultimate outdoor exploration, this camera, with its 4G network connection, allows you to share and watch wilderness scenes in real-time, even in remote areas, without the need for WIFI.


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4G Connection, Capturing Every Moment of Nature

Connect with Nature, Explore Without Limits
Embark on a journey of natural exploration with the L-Shine LS-188 4G Wildlife Trail Camera, a revolutionary device that opens new horizons in outdoor photography. Equipped with powerful 4G capabilities, this high-performance camera offers a novel way to connect and observe the natural world, no matter where you are.

Advanced 4G Connectivity — Share and Explore Limitlessly
The LS-188’s 4G connectivity represents the future of outdoor photography. Whether you are in remote woods or open fields, the camera maintains stable data transmission, allowing you to share and watch wilderness scenes in real-time. This technology enables remote wildlife monitoring or sharing discoveries with friends and family, all within your control.

Night Vision — The Bright Eyes in the Dark
In the darkness, the LS-188’s night vision capability stands out. With an 85-foot range of 940nm no-glow infrared night vision, it captures clear, vivid images of animals in absolute darkness. This feature makes the LS-188 ideal for observing and capturing nocturnal wildlife, whether tracking nocturnal behaviors or documenting rare creatures, presenting you with lively night scenes.

High-Definition Imaging — Missing No Detail
The LS-188, equipped with a 32MP ultra-high-resolution camera and 2.7K video recording, ensures that every minute detail of natural scenes is captured. From glorious sunrises to spectacular animal herds, the LS-188 records every unforgettable moment in detail, bringing you back to those moments as if you were there again.

Rugged and Durable — Ready for Any Challenge
Considering the complexities of outdoor photography, the LS-188 is designed to be robust and durable, capable of withstanding harsh weather and extreme environments. Its IP66 waterproof and dustproof rating ensures stable operation in any weather condition, from cold snowfields to hot deserts, making the LS-188 your reliable companion.

The L-Shine LS-188 is more than a tool; it’s a gateway to exploring nature. It offers researchers a new perspective to observe wildlife, provides photographers with endless possibilities to capture the beauty of nature, and gives explorers a chance to document every adventure. Choose the L-Shine LS-188 now, embark on your journey of natural exploration, connect more closely with the world, and capture every touching moment.
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Image Sensor Type 4MP color CMOS
Lens F/NO=3.0, FOV(Field of View)=60°
IR Flash 85Feet/25m(32pcs No Glow 940nm IR LED)
LCD Display 2.4" TFT Color Screen
Memory Card From 20MB to 128GB
Picture Resolution 32MP/24MP/20MP/16MP/8MP/4MP/2MP
Video Resolution 2.7K(24fps)/1080P(30fps)/720P(30fps)
Video Length 5s - 60s, 1 min, 2min, 3min, 4min, 5min, 6min, 7min, 8min, 9min, 10min
Audio Recording ON/OFF
Detection Delay 05s, 10s, 20s,30s,40s,50s,1min, 2min, 3min, 4min, 5min, 6min, 7min, 8min, 9min, 10min, 15min, 20min, 25min, 30min, 35min, 40min, 45min, 50min, 55min, 1hours
PIR Sensor Multi Zone
PIR Sensing Distance 85feet/25m( Below 77°F/25°C at the Normal Level)
PIR Sensing Angle 52°
PIR Sensitivity Adjustable (High/Medium/Low)
Motion Filter ON/OFF
Operation Mode Motion Detection, Timelapse Normal, Time Lapse Video
Photo or video Photo, video, photo + video
Camera name ON/OFF
Date & Time Year/Mon/Day, Hour/Min/Sec
Date Format D/M/Y, M/D/Y, Y/M/D
Time Format 12H / 24H
Loop record ON/OFF
Beep Sound ON/OFF
Trigger Time < 0.35s
Work time ON/OFF
Memory Card Format YES/NO
Language English, Deutsch, Francais, Espanol, Nederlands, Italiano, Polski, 简体中文
Factory Reset YES/NO
Photo stamp Date and Time, Moon Phase, Battery Level, Temperature, camera name, latitude and longitude
Power Supply 12 × AA (Lithium batteries are best)
Stand-By Current 0.1mA-0.2mA
External Battery Jack 12×AA or 9V-12V AC/DC or solar power supply
Microphone/Speaker Yes
Mounting Rope/Belt/Python Lock
Dimensions 146*120*80mm
Weight 0.65Kg
Waterproof Grade IP66
Operation Temperature -20 - +60°C / -4°F - +140°F
Operation Humility 5% - 95%
Security Authentication FCC, CE, RoHS
4G Real-Time Transmission: With the 4G network, the LS-188 enables you to share and view wilderness scenes in real-time, no matter where you are.
High-Definition Imaging: Equipped with a 4MP color CMOS sensor and an F/NO=3.0 lens, offering a 60° wide-angle field of view, it captures a broader view of the natural landscape.
High-Resolution Photos and Videos: Shoots images at a high resolution of 32MP and records 2.7K videos, providing an immersive visual experience.
Infrared Night Vision Technology: Features an 85-foot range of 940nm no-glow infrared night vision, capturing clear animal activities even in total darkness.
Versatile Shooting Modes: Supports a variety of shooting modes including photo, video, and photo + video, meeting different monitoring needs. Rugged and Durable, Adaptable to Various Environments: An IP66-rated waterproof and dustproof design ensures stable operation in extreme environments.

The L-Shine LS-188 is an ideal choice for wildlife researchers, outdoor sports enthusiasts, and nature observers. Its advanced 4G connectivity feature makes it a powerful tool for monitoring and exploring the natural world.

Experience the L-Shine LS-188 now and embark on your journey of remote natural exploration!


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