LS-188 Trail Camera Review

The LS-188 TRAIL CAMERA Doesn’t Stand Out In Every Aspect, And Performs Below Average In Battery Life And Detection Circuitry. However, It’s Easy To Set Up And Has Reasonable Data Plans, Making It Suitable For Users Who Want An Inexpensive Cellular Trail Camera.

High-definition Video, You Can Take Pictures Day Or Night
Screen 2.4 Inches
Detection Circuit Is Below Average
Fusion FAQ
Should Work While 4G/3G Tower Is Still Active. These Photos Can Be Retrieved Through The APP Application And Can Be Retrieved By Any Operator’s Mobile Phone.

Image Quality
Photo Resolution: 2.7K
Flash Type: Red IR
The LS-188’s Daytime Photos Are Unclear And Have Dull Colors, But They Capture Motion Well. Nighttime Photos Are Quite Grainy, And The Flash Range Is Below Average. Overall, It’s Not Something To Write Home About, But Considering This Isn’t A High-end Camera, You Shouldn’t Expect Anything Like That From A Camera That Costs Hundreds Of Dollars.

Battery Life
Picture Day/Night Power Consumption: Low
A Set Of Lithium Batteries Lasts 3 Months, Which Is Well Below Average.

Detection Circuit
Image Trigger And Resume Speed: 0.35 Seconds.
Detection Range And Angle: 70 Feet
Trigger Speed Is Slightly Below Average And Recovery Time Takes Just Over A Minute. The Detection Range Is Average, And The Detection Angle Is Slightly Wider Than The Field Of View. Overall, We Feel That This Detection Circuit Is Not As Superior As Other Cellular Cameras On The Market.

Camera Settings
The LS-188 Is Still A Good Choice For Those Who Need A Cheap Cellular Trail Camera. If You Have Any Further Questions Or Need Assistance With This Camera Or Other Products, Please Feel Free To Contact Us.


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