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4G Cloud Magic, Capturing Every Moment of Nature

Welcome the LS-177Pro Max 4G Cloud, a wildlife observation camera designed for true outdoor enthusiasts. This camera, equipped with 4G cloud transmission technology, allows you to instantly view and download high-definition photos and videos from remote areas, without the need for live streaming, making every close encounter with nature within your reach.


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4G Cloud Magic, Capturing Every Moment of Nature

Discover Nature, Share Anytime

Embark on a journey of natural mysteries with the LS-177Pro Max 4G Cloud. This camera, equipped with WiFi and 4G cloud technology, allows you to easily view and download high-definition photos and videos of distant landscapes. While it doesn’t offer live streaming, its instant sharing capability still brings a rich experience of nature.

24MP High Definition Imaging — Capturing Every Moment

The LS-177Pro Max is equipped with a 24MP high-resolution camera and 1080P video capability, precisely recording every detail of the natural world. From the splendid sunrise to the instantaneous capture of wildlife, each scene is perfectly presented.

Night Mode — Observing in the Dark

Thanks to advanced low-glow infrared LED technology and a 20-meter digital PIR range, the LS-177Pro Max captures clear images and movements at night. Its night vision feature reveals the unseen side of nature under the moonlight, offering a different visual experience.

Rugged and Durable — Adapts to Various Environments

In the most challenging outdoor conditions, the LS-177Pro Max demonstrates outstanding durability with its IP66 waterproof and dustproof design and up to 8 months of battery life. It’s the ideal companion for exploring nature in all weather conditions.

Versatile Shooting Modes — Flexible Adaptation

From static landscape photos to dynamic videos, the LS-177Pro Max offers a variety of shooting modes to meet your different photographic needs. Its simple interface and flexible resolution options make it easy to capture every unique moment in the natural world.

The LS-177Pro Max 4G Cloud is more than just a camera; it’s a powerful tool for exploring and sharing the beauty of nature. Make every outing an unforgettable adventure.

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Image Sensor Type 3MP
Memory SD Card Class 10 (4GB-32GB)
Video Resolution HD(1280x720,30fps)/WVGA(848x480,30fps)/FHD (1920x1080,15fps)/Default HD (for night videos the FPS will automatically lower down to 15fps)
IR Filter Full Automatic IR Filter
Number of IR LED 4pcs, 850nm-IR LED
Trigger Speed 0.5 second
Triggering Interval 00:00:05-23:59:59; ON—>Default 30s
Picture Resolution 8/12/24MP=3264x2448/4032x3024/5632x4224/ Default:8MP
Multiple Frame 1P-5P
File Format JPEG/MOV
4G LTE wireless
Real-time Cloud APP Support Android/IOS system
4G picture uploading 640x480(4:3)
4G video uploading 1280x720
Upload Frequency Instant/Every 12 hour/Every 24hour
Date Time Imprint Yes
Moon Phase Imprint Yes
Imprint F & ℃
Camera Name Imprint 4 Digits, Digits and 26 alphabet set by yourself
Battery level Yes
Brand LOGO Yes
Exposure Auto
Pass Word Set 6 Digits
Camera Name Set(Camera ID) 4 Digits and 26 alphabet set by yourself
Time Switch one 00:00 - 00:00
Periodic shot 00:00:05-23:59:59; ON—>Default 30s
Stand-by current < 0.2mA
Stand-by time 5-8 months (6AA ~12AA)
Speaker Support
Interface USB; SD Card Holder DC: 12V -2A
Power Supply Battery: 9V :6xAA / 12xAA ; DC: 12V -2A
Auto Power Off In Test mode, camera will automatically power off in 3 mins if there is no keypad touching
Lens F=6mm; F/No=2.0; FOV=60°
PIR Angle 52°
PIR Distance 65 ft/ 20 meters
Sensitivity High/Middle/Low/Off
Instant Connectivity with Nature: Step into the world of live nature exploration with the LS-177Pro Max 4G Cloud. This trail camera, with its WiFi live streaming and 4G cloud capabilities, brings the wilderness directly to you. Share and view high-definition scenes from the natural world in real-time, no matter where you are.
High-Resolution Captures: Discover the minute details of the wild with the LS-177Pro Max’s 24MP camera. Combined with 1080P video recording, this camera offers an immersive visual experience, capturing every aspect of wildlife in stunning clarity.
Exceptional Night Vision: Explore the nocturnal secrets of nature with the camera’s low glow IR LEDs and a 20-meter digital PIR range. Even in total darkness, capture clear and vivid movements of wildlife, unveiling the mysteries of the night.
Extensive Storage and User-Friendly Interface: Equipped with an SD card slot supporting up to 32GB, the LS-177Pro Max ensures you have ample space to store your nature encounters. Its intuitive design, including a 2-inch LCD display and easy-to-use controls, makes wildlife monitoring a breeze.
Durable and Versatile: Designed for the rugged outdoors, the LS-177Pro Max boasts an IP66 waterproof rating, enduring various environmental challenges. Its versatile camera modes, including photo and video options, adapt to all your monitoring needs.

The LS-177Pro Max 4G Cloud is not just a camera; it’s a comprehensive tool for outdoor enthusiasts, hunters, and nature observers. Experience the thrill of witnessing nature’s live broadcast and capture every moment with this state-of-the-art trail camera.


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