Infrared sensor hunting camera common problems and solutions

Infrared sensor hunting camera common problems and solutions

Camera takes messy photos and does not sense the object.
Check the PIR sensitivity parameter settings: set the sensor sensitivity to “high” in warm environmental conditions and “low” for cold weather use.
Test the camera by pointing the camera’s field of view or lens at an open area.
Make sure there is no water source near the camera, as bodies of water can cause sensing errors.
When testing at night, if the sensor can sense beyond the range of the LED fill light, you can reduce the sensing distance by adjusting the sensor sensitivity.
If the problem occurs at sunrise or sunset, the camera will need to be reoriented.
When a person or animal is moving too fast, the camera may not be able to activate and capture the target in time, try aiming the camera at a stationary target for testing.

Camera stops taking pictures or does not save images
Check if the SD card is full. If the SD card is full, you need to delete some unnecessary files from it or replace it with a larger capacity SD card.
Make sure the camera power supply is fully charged. Insufficient power may cause the camera to not work properly.
Check whether the camera is in preview mode or off. If it is, exit the camera from the preview mode and make sure that the camera is in normal picture-taking mode.
If the GPRS function is being used, make sure that GPRS is turned on, but note that you may need to wait a while after turning it on before sending photos. If the GPRS function is switched off, photos can be taken continuously without restriction.
Format the SD card before use to ensure that the camera’s storage functions work properly.

MMS version of the camera stops sending emails or MMS messages
Check that the SIM card is sufficiently charged.
Check that the mobile phone receiving MMS messages is working properly.
Check that the signal coverage in the current area is good. If the signal is too weak or there is no signal coverage, MMS may not be sent properly.
Make sure the GPRS settings are correct.

Camera does not start properly
Check that the switch is in the on or preview position.
Check whether the battery power is sufficient. If the power is low, charge or replace the battery in time.
Check that the SD card is working properly. If there is a problem with the SD card, the camera may not start up properly. If necessary, try formatting the SD card or replacing it with a new one.


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