How to solve the infrared camera cameras appear snow spots

Causes of snowflake dots (possibly noise or interference) in IR camera camcorders during use and how to deal with them. Below is a brief summary of the individual causes and solutions you have mentioned:

Lack of current problem: Ensure that you use a highly stable transformer to solve the problem of insufficient current supply. Use a multimeter to test the voltage and current to ensure that the IR lamp is functioning properly.

IR Lamp Quality: Use high quality IR lamps as the quality of the IR lamps will affect the clarity and performance of the image.

Camera quality: If the camera quality is low, you may need to replace it with a high quality camera. Also, choose the type of camera applicable to the situation, e.g. use a black and white or colour camera.

Filter: Consider using a double filter or double glass structure to improve the level of infrared light intake at night and to reduce the effect of fog or water spray on the lens.

In the processing of infrared forestry camera cameras, you also need to pay attention to the following difficulties:

Circuit setup and aging: after installing the IR light, the circuit needs to be reset and tested for aging. Ensure that the point of view of the infrared lamp is focused correctly, which needs to be performed by a responsible and patient technician.

Low Illumination Problems: The minimum illumination level for built-in cameras should be 0.1, otherwise snowflake problems may occur. Manufacturers need to invest enough money when purchasing cameras and deal with this issue carefully.

Remote IR Camera Cameras: For remote IR camera cameras, a built-in high quality transformer and fan with 220V power supply is usually required.

Infrared lamp power and point of view: Make sure the power of the infrared lamp is moderate to avoid excessive zapping or whitening. At the same time, pay attention to the point of view and distance of the infrared lamp, as well as its lifespan.

Anti-scattering and excessive light gathering: Avoid scattering and excessive light gathering problems, which may lead to unclear images. Ensure that the infrared light source is uniformly illuminated and avoid a strong light gathering effect.

In summary, problems such as snowflake dots on infrared camera camcorders may have a variety of causes and need to be carefully checked and dealt with. Solving these problems requires a combination of several factors such as circuitry, equipment quality, lighting, point of view and environmental factors to ensure that high quality images and video are obtained.


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