How to expose an infrared camera

Infrared camera exposure is a photographic technique to obtain a clear image by controlling the aperture and time of light entering the camera. In the following, this paper will introduce the principle of infrared camera exposure, exposure time and exposure compensation.


Infrared camera is a kind of camera that uses infrared rays to take pictures, because infrared rays are penetrating, so infrared camera has a wide range of applications in many fields, such as military, security, scientific research and so on. Exposure is a very important part of photography, which directly affects the effect and quality of shooting. For infrared cameras, exposure is also very important, because improper exposure will affect the quality and accuracy of the image.

Infrared camera exposure principle

Infrared camera exposure principle is similar to ordinary cameras, by controlling the aperture of light into the camera and time to achieve. Specifically, the exposure time is the camera shutter open time, the aperture is the size of the aperture. As light passes through the aperture and hits the sensor, the sensor converts that light into an electronic signal, which in turn creates an image.

In an infrared camera, the exposure time is generally longer because infrared light has a longer wavelength than visible light and is more easily absorbed and scattered by objects. In order to gain enough energy, infrared cameras require longer exposures to capture more light. In addition, the size of the aperture of the infrared camera needs to be adjusted according to the actual situation to control the amount of light entering the camera.

Exposure time of infrared camera

Exposure time is one of the very important parameters in the infrared camera. Because the wavelength of infrared light is longer, so infrared cameras need a longer exposure to capture more light. In practice, the length of exposure time should be decided according to the shooting scene and target. Generally speaking, the exposure time can be slightly longer when shooting a slower moving scene, while the exposure time needs to be shorter when shooting a high-speed moving scene.

In addition, the length of the exposure time affects the signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) of the image. The longer the exposure time, the more light enters the camera, the higher the SNR of the image, and the better the detail. However, if the exposure time is too long, it may cause problems such as excessive saturation and halation. Therefore, when choosing the exposure time, you need to weigh the actual situation.

Exposure Compensation for Infrared Cameras

Exposure compensation is one of the commonly used techniques in photography, by increasing or decreasing the exposure to obtain better shooting results. In the infrared camera, because the light conditions are more complex, so the application of exposure compensation technology is also very important.

Generally, infrared cameras can increase exposure by increasing the exposure time and increasing the aperture. Increasing the exposure time can capture more light, thus improving the signal-to-noise ratio and clarity of the image; increasing the aperture can increase the amount of light entering the camera, thus improving the brightness and contrast of the image. However, improper exposure compensation may cause problems such as overexposure and distortion. Therefore, when using an infrared camera, you need to make reasonable exposure compensation according to the actual situation.


The exposure of infrared camera is a very important technology, which directly affects the effect and quality of shooting. By understanding the principle of exposure, exposure time and exposure compensation of infrared cameras, it allows us to better master the use of infrared cameras and obtain better quality images. With the continuous development of technology, infrared camera in the military, security, scientific research and other fields of application will become more and more extensive, and its exposure technology will continue to be improved and perfected.


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