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Since its inception in 2014, L-shine has evolved into a renowned name in the trail camera and night vision system market, with a strong focus on OEM/ODM services. Our decade-long journey is marked by an in-depth understanding of evolving market trends and customer requirements. This knowledge has enabled us to provide customized, cutting-edge technological solutions. Our successful collaborations with leading international brands are a testament to our ability to merge customer insights seamlessly with innovative product development. L-shine’s dedication to adapting and responding to the dynamic needs of the market underscores our commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction.

No. Of Employees: 1-150
Annual Sales:300000000-600000000
Year Established: 2014

Our Advantages

  • The Shenzhen R&D Team comprises 20 engineers, a 800 square meter engineering office, and a 100 square meter testing lab.
  • The Dongguan manufacturing center is responsible for outdoor accessory assembly. It encompasses a 4000 square meter workshop and employs 100 skilled workers, along with 5 quality controllers.
  • The Yangjiang manufacturing center is dedicated to trail camera production. It consists of a 200 square meter dust-free SMT workshop and a 5000 square meter assembly workshop.
  • The Heyuan Manufacturing Base boasts two manufactur- ing buildings covering a total area of 10,000 square meter, equipped with state-of-the-art facilities workshop such as the ABS injection workshop, SMT workshop, dust-free plant assembly workshop, and packaging workshop. 


We have different certificates to meet different customer demands in the whole world.


▸ 2014-2016
Established L-Shine in Dongguan, specializing in the development of 2G/4G trail camera and solar panel. 

▸ 2017
Constructed our headquarters and manufacturing center in Dongguan.

▸ 2018
Expanded our operations by investing in a manufacturing center in Shenzhen. Additionally, We successfully produced our first 4K trail camera.

▸ 2019
Collaborated with top brands.

▸ 2020
We opened our Indonesia office in 2020.

▸ 2021-2023
Established a manufacturing center in Yangjiang/Heyuan.

▸ 2022
Achieved a breakthrough in night camera technology with the development of color image capability at night.

Our Factory

At L-shine, our manufacturing strength lies in our four major production bases. These facilities are the foundation of our operations, embodying our core values of customer-centricity, technology-driven innovation, and a performance-oriented approach.

These bases are integral to our operations, ensuring that every L-shine product harnesses the latest technological advancements and meets the diverse needs of our clientele. Our strategic focus on manufacturing enables us to consistently deliver reliable and innovative products. This approach has solidified L-shine’s position as a leader in the trail camera and night vision system market, renowned for our commitment to quality and cutting-edge technology solutions.


EMAIL: sales@forestcam.com.cn
TEL: +86-0755-2374-4617


27 Yongmao Road, Jinglian Industrial Zone Qiao Tou, Dong Guan, PRC


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