Wildlife Camera, Also Known As Infrared Camera, Field Camera, Is A Camera That Uses Infrared Sensing Technology To Automatically Take Photos Or Videos. It Is Usually Installed In The Wild Environment, And Uses Infrared Sensors To Capture Animal Activities And Automatically Trigger Shooting. Wildlife Cameras Have The Characteristics Of Strong Concealment, Clear Shooting Effect, And Long-Term Recording. They Are Widely Used In Wildlife Research, Ecological Monitoring, Forest Protection And Anti-Theft And Other Fields.

How Good Is The Night Vision Function Of The Trail Camera?

Since Wildlife Activities Often Occur At Night, The Night Vision Function Of Wildlife Cameras Is Crucial. So, How About The Night Vision Function Of Wildlife Cameras? This Article Will Introduce It In Detail.

Working Principle
The Night Vision Function Of Wildlife Cameras Mainly Relies On Infrared Led Lights. Infrared Led Lights Can Emit Invisible Infrared Light, Which Cannot Be Seen By Animals And Human Eyes, But Can Be Captured By Infrared Cameras. When Animals Enter The Irradiation Range Of Infrared Led Lights, The Infrared Camera Will Automatically Trigger Shooting.

The Power And Number Of Infrared Led Lights Will Affect The Night Vision Effect. The More Powerful The Infrared Led Lights, The Longer The Irradiation Distance, And The Better The Night Vision Effect; The More Infrared Led Lights, The Wider The Irradiation Range, And Can Cover A Wider Area.

Effect Evaluation
The Night Vision Effect Of Wildlife Cameras Is Mainly Reflected In The Following Aspects:
Clarity: The Higher The Clarity Of The Night Vision Image, The Clearer The Details.
Distance: The Farther The Night Vision Effective Distance Is, The Farther Objects Can Be Photographed.
Noise: The Less Noise In The Night Vision Image, The Purer The Picture.
Frame Rate: The Higher The Frame Rate Of The Night Vision Video, The Smoother The Picture.
Purchase Suggestions
When Choosing A Wildlife Camera, It Is Recommended That You Pay Attention To The Following Points:
Infrared Led Light: Pay Attention To The Power And Number Of Infrared Led Lights. Choose Infrared Led Lights With High Power And Large Number To Get Better Night Vision Effects.
Night Vision Distance: Consider Your Actual Needs And Choose A Suitable Night Vision Distance.
Night Vision Clarity: Choose A Camera With High Night Vision Clarity To Get Clearer Night Vision Images.
Night Vision Frame Rate: If You Need To Shoot Night Vision Videos, You Can Choose A Camera With A High Night Vision Frame Rate To Get A Smoother Picture.

The Night Vision Function Of Wildlife Cameras Is One Of Its Important Functions. When Choosing A Wildlife Camera, You Should Consider Factors Such As Night Vision Effect And Needs To Find The Most Suitable Camera For You.

I Hope This Information Can Help You Choose The Right Wildlife Camera.


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