4g hunting trail camera

The 4G cellular trail cameras are an advanced tool for wildlife monitoring and hunting.They are equipped with motion sensors and high-resolution lenses,allowing for precise and clear capture of wildlife moments without disturbing the natural environment.These cameras provide real-time scouting information,aiding in the pattern recognition of wildlife movements.Here are of the best 4G cellular trail cameras available in the market:

Recommended L-SHINE 518 model
PIR sensing distance 65feet/20m(Below 77°F/25°C at the Normal Level)
PIR sensing Angle 45°-50°
PIR Sensitivity Adjustable(High/Medium/Low)
Operation mode Camera,Video,Camera+Video
Trigger Time<0.6s
Fixed time ON/OFF
Photo stamp Date and Time,Moon Phase,Battery Level,
Temperature,camera name,latitude and longitude;
Power Supply 8×AA(Lithium batteries are best)
4G Stand-by Current 1-3 mA
Stand-by Current 0.12mA-0.15mA
External Battery Jack 8×AA or 5V-12V AC/DC or solar power supply
Microphone/speaker Yes
Mounting Rope/Belt/Python lock
Dimensions 138x105x70 mm
Weight 0.6KG
Waterproof grade IP66
Operation temperature-20-+60°C/-4°F-+140°F
Operation humility 5%~95%
Security authentication FCC,CE,RoHS

These cameras are designed to provide high-quality images and videos,real-time data,and extended battery life.They are essential for wildlife enthusiasts,researchers,and security professionals.When choosing a cellular trail camera,it is important to consider factors such as image quality,video recording,trigger speed,battery life,and storage capacity.These considerations will help in determining the most suitable camera for your specific needs.


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